I worked in NYC for five years before returning to Ann Arbor. As the stresses of life became greater there, I turned more and more to my yoga practice as a way to become “good with me.” Yoga has benefited so many aspects of my life and continues to lead me on a path of happiness that I am privileged to share with my students. 

Years of iyengar, power, hatha and vinyasa have influenced my style of teaching alignment based ashtanga and vinyasa. Classes are highly energetic and set to music. Come breathe, stretch and sweat!


My background includes long distance running, personal training, high intensity interval training and boot camp style teaching. I love workouts that push my heart rate to the limit and provide that invigorating rush of adrenaline. I have over 10 years of experience in health and wellness and bring enthusiasm, energy, challenge, and fun to every class I teach.

My first experience with yoga was a true awakening to the idea that yoga was so much more than stretching and flexibility. I have been practicing yoga for three years, and I enjoy combining strong yoga poses with the challenge of high intensity interval training. I will strive to challenge you in new, fun, and inventive ways and ask you to step outside your yoga comfort zone.


After dabbling with yoga as a way to counter knee and hip pain from running, I developed a true practice after my first hot vinyasa class. I was hooked by the music, the energy, the challenge, and the beautiful peace that comes from finding stillness. It’s been true love ever since. In 2014, I completed my Yoga teacher training. My classes reflect aspects of yoga I love the most; energy, challenge, emotional balance, connection and most of all, fun.


Growing up a competitive dancer, it was an injury that brought me to my first yoga class in 2002. When I discovered that yoga went deeper than just "poses," I was hooked. Through my practice, I began to find healing - not only in my body, but on a much deeper level as well. I wanted more. In 2012, I completed my first 200 hour training, "Yoga and the Healing Sciences" at Loyola Marymount University in Marina Del Ray, California. This therapeutics based training gave me further insight into using yoga as a tool for healing. In May 2014, I spent a month in Thailand for a 300 hour Vinyasa training with Clara Roberts-Oss. It was here that I found the supreme lightness of embodying spirit and discovered what it means to "stay with your body." All my classes focus on this exploration of the breath-mind-body connection. The energy is powerful and supportive, balancing intensity and playfulness at every turn. Expect the unexpected. I truly believe yoga is for everyone. The hardest part is showing up. Just get here, get on your mat...and enjoy the ride! 


Dominique completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2011. She has since become a beautiful voice in the yoga community and builds connection between all ages through the yoga practice. She currently teaches workshops, classes and camps for children, teenage and older adults. Dominique enjoys the genuine feedback from her students and the impact she has on their lives to live more with their whole heart.


Julie attributes her introduction to yoga to an episode of the Rosie O’Donnell show from 1998 featuring Madonna, in which Madonna “taught" Rosie how to practice Ujjayi and do a Sun Salutation. Julie followed along, and the seed was planted. Seven years later, Julie took her first yoga class while attending college. It was an Iyengar class that she enjoyed, but it didn't quite pull her in. It was another four years before Julie hit the mat again, turning to yoga to relieve pain caused by hours tied to a desk, working as a web developer. She had discovered a weekly, hatha-based podcast that allowed her to develop a daily personal practice at home. She stuck with it, and three years later moved to the Ann Arbor area, where she discovered and fell in love with hot vinyasa. After practicing at various studios and at home for four more years, Julie decided to deepen her practice through Tiny Buddha Yoga's teacher training program. Now, she works to share her calming presence and light with the students of TBY.


If you have ever thought of yoga as an integral piece of your overall health and wellness lifestyle, you will find a likeminded teacher in Kate. A long time practitioner, Kate was first introduced to yoga at the age of 15 by her grandmother. She has since completed her 200 hour yoga certification at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe Arizona, 300 hour advance yoga teacher training with Shade of yoga teacher training in Ubud Indonesia, as well as supplementing her training with the 50 hour Yoga Works bridge program, and a 50 hour Baron Baptiste power flow immersion program. In her quest to provide an overall healing experience to the mind, body and heart, Kate is also a licensed aesthetician with fourteen years of experience. Always seeking to expand her knowledge base, Kate is forever learning and growing her yoga practice and teachings. Kate's classes are exceptional in that they provide challenge to any level of practitioner; yet her calm, focused instruction and peaceful energy makes even the most difficult positions accessible to everyone. Her love of music and unique ability to integrate songs into her teaching creates an overall mentally relaxing yet physically demanding experience that is not to  be missed. If you seek to improve your physical and mental balance and energy in this world, Kate's classes are a must.


Kate is a passionate, creative and genuine creature by nature. She first encountered yoga through BUTI Yoga and felt drawn to the femininity of the practice. Watching her life transform through yoga fueled the fire to learn, travel and grow as a teacher and as a student.

As a BUTI Yoga Master Trainer, Kate Seymour has found her passion in helping women from all walks of life to find their truth and heal through movement. Her approach to teaching honors alignment, fluidity of transition and creative expression. Kate's classes are well balanced, connected, energetic and inspired. Burning through emotional stagnancy through a physical practice. Kate takes pride in helping her students overcome obstacles, motivating them to take charge of their lives and uncover their potential. She believes that that true happiness begins with self love


Yoga has been a part of my life for about 8 years. I dabbled here and there but it wasn't until I injured my knee that I really fell in love with the practice. It has helped me to grow stronger; mind, body, and spirit, while inspiring me to live in the present moment. As a licensed Massage Therapist with an extensive background in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, I strive to combine creative sequencing, breath-work, a bit of playfulness, and a dose of inspiration to help my students deepen their practice. I will always be a student of yoga first and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me, and I look forward to sharing it with you!


I was first introduced to Yoga during my pregnancy 17 years ago. I was a competitive mountain biker, and had such a hard time going from training and racing to walks around the neighborhood. Yoga started as a way for me to get into my body and into my zone without getting my heartrate too high and developed into so much more throughout the years. It has been a path to connect with my true self and as a result be more authentic and present in all aspects of life. I completed my 200 hour training in December 2016 with Risa Gotlib at Tiny Buddha Yoga. I will be practicing yoga until I take my last breath. I can’t wait to share my love for yoga with the students at Tiny Buddha Yoga! 


I was an attorney before deciding to stay home to raise my children. It was at this time I discovered the profoundly healing mind-body benefits of yoga. I completed a 200 hour certified yoga teacher training program in 2006 and have been teaching in the Ann Arbor area ever since. I teach vinyasa, a dynamic, flowing style of yoga which incorporates breath and movement.


I dabbled in yoga throughout my adult life, but finally got hooked on a daily asana practice as a way to help myself “heal” after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Yoga has become my medication, allowing me to get off multiple immunosuppressives, keep my immune system in check, and has allowed me finally feel like myself again. Feeding off the energy of the wonderful community that exists at Tiny Buddha Yoga, I was inspired by the "right off the bat" acceptance for who I was - with or without my scars.  I developed a longing to deepen my practice and pursued my RYT-200 with TBY in 2016.  Through that experience it has become clear to me that not only am I meant to enjoy the gift that is yoga, but I am also meant to share that gift with others.  For me, yoga has become more than just asana, it is a way to share my positivity, optimistic nature, and resilience with the world, in hopes to make one person at a time feel more and more like his or her truest self.


My journey with yoga began in 2011, as a way to move my body during college after years of playing team sports. I was immediately hooked. I have practiced multiple styles of yoga, including Hot Vinyasa, Baptiste, and Bikram. However, I finally truly found my yoga "home" at Tiny Buddha Yoga. I completed my 200-hour certification with Risa Gotlib and Carryn Lund at TBY in 2016.  Through my training, yoga became so much more than a physical practice for me, and I am continuously amazed by just how much the practice has to offer.  As a teacher, I feel that I am only the messenger - my students are the real teachers to themselves and others!


I had my first introduction to yoga when I was 8, I discovered my mom’s Patricia Walden VHS tape. I’m not sure if it was the white leotard or the really long Sanskrit words that was so magnetic, but I popped that tape in every single day for a good 4 months. My mom knew I was an anxious kid and encouraged my yoga habit, especially going into my teenage years. I stopped using my mom’s mat and bought my own when I was 15. Since then, I’ve practiced it all Ashtanga in high school, Para Yoga and Power Vinyasa in college, dabbled in Kemetic Yoga and Forrest Yoga, and Hatha and Iyengar flows with my mom. I was more than happy to have a student-only practice until I caught the urge to take teacher training in 2015.

I completed YTT through Life Power Yoga. Later that year, I received a Buti Yoga (a yoga format that fuses power yoga and tribal dance) certification, as it felt like a natural extension of my personal yoga practice challenging, high-spirited, and fun. As a teacher, my aim is help students find and appreciate the incremental changes that yoga can bring  whether it’s in a muscle or between the ears.