Get ready to breathe, sweat, and move in this physically and mentally challenging class! Hot Vinyasa is faster than our other vinyasa classes and the pace is one breath to one movement. Class is set to energizing music and the temperature is HOT! At TBY we like to offer students the chance to deepen their own practice through free flow. The instructor guides students through sequences a few times, then sets them free to move at their own pace. Class ends with a deeply relaxing finish and an inspiring message to take off the mat. Hot Vinyasa is geared towards students who have a foundation in Vinyasa Yoga, but it’s open to all levels - so don’t be afraid to give it a try!


A balancing combination of vinyasa flowing and longer holding poses. Classes incorporate slow, progressive sequences focusing on alignment that gently build to a more rhythmic pace. Body and mind come together in this centering and invigorating flow.  During class, students are encouraged to explore all the benefits of each posture within the boundaries and framework of their own individual expressions. Classes are heated to warm (~90 degrees) and are open to all levels.


Slow Burn classes integrate breath and movement, inner and outer alignment, and strength and flexibility. Slow progressive sequences and longer holding postures accompanied by steady rhythmic tunes, encourage the entire body and mind to balance, focus and calm. Classes are heated to warm (~90 degrees), and are open to all levels.


Ashtanga is a physically demanding practice synchronizing breath and movement to produce an internal heat that purifies and tones the body and mind. This class is fully led, beginning with warm-up sun salutations to build heat before moving on to longer holding standing and balancing postures. Holding poses allows time to move deeper into the alignment and develop greater body and spacial awareness. This class is great for both beginners and advanced students, and it serves as a fantastic reminder of how a daily practice can help us to observe our minds and bodies on a deeper level.


Thoughtfully sequenced passive, restorative postures to balance, calm, and repair the body and mind. Supported by props including blocks and blankets, these long-holding postures allow your entire body to gently stretch and release. Enhanced by meditation and deep breathing, this practice is great for students who want to become aware of the holding patterns within the body. Athletes looking to stretch and soothe their muscles, those looking to recover from light injury, and anyone who wants to leave feeling like they just got a deep tissue massage will also benefit from this class! Restorative Yin is the perfect complementary class to any more rigorous yoga practice.


Buti Yoga is a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. Transform your BODY + SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of movement and conditioning set to fast-paced, high energy music. Due to the nature of this class, we respectfully ask that only women attend.